Georgetown University Law Center In-House Clinical Program

A pioneer in clinical legal education, Georgetown University Law Center has the largest, strongest and most highly regarded in-house clinical program in the nation. At least 17 full-time faculty, 26 graduate fellows, and several adjunct faculty supervise and teach the 300 J.D. students who enroll in the 23 clinical courses offered by 14 clinics each year.

Situated within walking distance of the United States Supreme Court, Congress, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the local courts of the District of Columbia, and numerous government agencies, the Law Center offers clinic participants unparalleled access to the governing institutions in our Nation’s Capital.

The mission of the clinical program is to educate students in the practical art of lawyering while providing quality legal representation to under-represented individuals and organizations. Students in the clinics represent a wide range of clients: refugees seeking political asylum; adult and juvenile criminal defendants; victims of domestic violence; housing and community development groups; individuals threatened with eviction; children seeking access to adequate special and regular education; groups or individuals seeking to remedy civil rights violations or protect the environment; and organizations seeking legislative and regulatory reform on a variety of issues in the United States and abroad.

Clinics offer students a unique opportunity to serve the public; to explore career possibilities; to gain first-hand insight into the strategic and ethical dimensions of the profession; and to acquire valuable legal skills. For many students, participating in a clinic is one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences they will have in law school.

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