The Spring 2012 Externship Program Has Been Launched!

The Spring 2012 Externship Program has been launched! The program provides students with an opportunity to earn academic credit by working for a qualified employer. For the spring 2012 semester, students are required to work at least 120 hours by April 14, 2012, for 3 credits and 240 hours by April 14, 2012, for 6 credits. The spring 2012 semester begins on January 17, 2012. There is an academic component attached to the Externship Program Course which will require students to attend seminars every other week throughout the course of the spring semester.

Throughout the fall, the Career Development Office (“CDO”) will conduct “bidding sessions” during which time students may apply to employers participating in the Spring 2012 Externship Program. Students may also submit their self-secured internships to the Externship Program Committee for approval, by following the instructions outlined on the CDO Fact Sheet emailed to you by the CDO.

The deadline to submit self-secured internships for the Externship Program Committee’s approval for the Spring 2012 Externship Program is Monday, November 21, 2011. The Externship Program Committee will make every effort to provide students with a formal response within two weeks of receiving an approval-request.

The Externship Program Course is a closed-registration course. For the CDO to ask the registrar’s office to register you for the Externship Program Course, a student must submit a complete Student-Agency Agreement, (sent to you via e-mail) to the CDO by Monday, November 28, 2011. If you would like more information about the University of Miami School of Law Externship Program, please visit the website, or contact Sajani Desai in the CDO.