The Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section (“RPPTL”) Professional Ethics Committee (“PEC”) Seeks Law Students

The Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section (“RPPTL”) Professional Ethics Committee (“PEC”) intends to compile a case law and ethics opinion database (of cases, opinions, rules and other authorities construing or applying Florida’s Rules of Professional Responsibility). The database is intended to be indexed according to each applicable/relevant portion of the Florida Rules of Professional Responsibility. The plan is for such database to be easily and directly searched online by section members and others as a resource for section members. The subject matter will be specifically geared to RPPTL subject areas including real estate matters, probate, trust and guardianship issues. The American College of Trusts and Estates Counsel “Commentaries” may serve as a loose “guide” as to the type and nature of the annotations and information to be set forth on/in the database.

The PEC is thrilled to be able to work with law students in assisting and compiling the materials for the database. Each of the student volunteers will be working with a committee member mentor to assist in gathering the appropriate information (opinions, rules and case law) and the mentor will act as a resource for the “placement” of opinions and case law under the appropriate rule or section of the Rules of Professional Responsibility. An outline for the topics to be researched on the probate and trust law side, including the subject area headings, has already been prepared with a real property index or table of contents to follow.

The objective is to enable practitioners to access an online Florida database tied to the RPPTL website which includes case law, rules, ethics opinions, and other authorities geared to RPPTL subject areas.

If interested, please contact Lee Weintraub.