Fried Frank Fellowship Program

Open to graduating law students (3Ls) and recent law graduates, the Fried Frank Fellowship Program allows fellows to spend two years as associates in Fried Frank’s litigation department with specially designated fellowship mentors learning the ins and outs of complex litigation.  At least 20 percent of the associates’ time will be spent on pro bono work.  After the initial two years of litigation training, fellows work directly with LDF (the NAACP Legal Defense Fund) and MALDEF (an organization devoted to protecting and promoting the rights of Latinos living in the US) as staff attorneys.  Once the fellowship period is over, fellows may apply to return to Fried Frank or, in some cases, stay on with their respective non-profit organization. 

For more information and an application please visit the website. Applications, including a resume, two letters of recommendation, a writing sample, a 500 word essay and a law school transcript are due November 1, 2011.