PSLawNet Has Recent Updates to Its Online Resources

PSLawNet recently updated some of its public interest resources.

Here are some updates:

PSLawNet’s Public Interest Career Fairs page has been updated to reflect the latest about 2011-12 public interest career fairs around the country.

The 2011-12 Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide is available for free download on PSLawNet.  The Federal Guide is a distilled version of the much more robust content offerings on PSLawNet’s Federal Government Resources page.  The Federal Guide is very useful as a handout and general reference.

The Public Defender Handbook (authored by Section members Deb Ellis and Rachel Peckerman) is a great resource for students looking for internships and post-graduate positions. Contains FAQs about the hiring process with examples of hypothetical questions and simulations as well as a listing of major public defender offices with entry level hiring.