Fair Trial Initiative Fellowships

Fair Trial Initiative seeks to address the systemic inequalities of the criminal justice system through the provision of a caring and competent defense team. A fair trial means having access to the resources necessary to investigate the case and the background of the accused. It is our belief that every capital defendant is entitled to a fair trial.

In service of that belief, The Fair Trial Initiative:

  1. Provides two-year fellowships for new lawyers to work on death penalty trials;
  2. Provides summer and semester internships to law students, social work students, and undergraduates interested in death penalty defense;
  3. Recruits private lawyers to lend their assistance to capital trials on a pro bono basis;
  4. Educates the public on the administration of the death penalty.

The Fair Trial Initiative (FTI) mission is to ensure fairness for indigent defendants facing the death penalty. FTI furthers this purpose by: (1) recruiting and training lawyers and other professionals to assist with representation in individual cases; (2) promoting a multi-disciplinary approach and teamwork in capital defense; and (3) continually introducing innovative approaches to the defense of death penalty cases. FTI also promotes reform through public education and advocacy.

FTI would like to receive student resumes directly.  Resumes should be forwarded to FTI via email.  The application deadline is October 31, 2011.  For more information about the fellowship please visit the website.