Apply for Judicial Clerkships Now!

If you are in the midst of preparing your judicial clerkship applications, please remember to apply to state court and administrative law judges.  Specifically:  

State Court Clerkships:

Below is a sampling of state courts that are accepting applications for fall 2012 law clerk positions:

Supreme Courts:

  • Connecticut Supreme Court (deadline early September)
  • Delaware Supreme Court (has begun hiring)
  • Hawaii Supreme Court (deadline 9/30)
  • Maine Supreme Judicial Court (deadline late August)
  • Massachusetts Supreme Court (deadline 9/26, but encouraged to apply sooner)
  • Minnesota Supreme Court (deadline late August)
  • New Hampshire Supreme Court (deadline early-August)
  • NewJersey Supreme Court (rolling deadline)
  • Texas Supreme Court (deadline early September)
  • Vermont Supreme Court (deadline 9/1)

Intermediate Appellate Courts:

  • Connecticut Court of Appeals (deadline late August)
  • Minnesota Court of Appeals (deadline late August)

Trial Courts:

  • Delaware Family Court (deadline early September)
  • Maine Superior Court (deadline early September)
  • Virginia Circuit Courts (deadlines early September)
  • VermontSupreme Court (deadline 10/5) – See Symplicity posting ID#8382. 

For more information regarding state court hiring, please review the Vermont Guide to State Court Judicial Clerkships.  You can access the guide online. The username and password recently changed, so please contact the Career Development Office (“CDO”) for the information.

Also, the NALP guide entitled “Insight and Inside Information for Select State Court Clerkships” is a great supplement to the Vermont Guide.  Ask your CDO advisor.

Clerkships With Administrative Law Judges:

The federal government employs 1150 administrative law judges (ALJs) in 28 administrative agencies, many of whom hire law clerks.  ALJs hear cases pertaining to their particular agency.  For example, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is currently taking applications for two year term law clerk positions.  You may also view a survey located on the NALP website containing additional ALJ law clerk hiring information. 

Federal Judge Hiring:

If you’re interested in applying to federal judges, you may access a list of recent clerkship information on OSCAR, ask your CDO advisor or contact Amy Perez, Director of Judicial Clerkships/JD Advisor, in the CDO.