Fall 2008 Resume Referral and Direct Contact Programs

Each year, the Career Planning Center administers its Resume Referral and Direct Contact programs in conjunction with its Fall On Campus Interview (OCI) Program. Employers who recruit candidates through these programs are unable to interview on campus but would like to receive applications from interested students. Both programs are administered via Symplicity.

Firms participating in the Resume Referral program require students to provide all requested materials (resumes, transcripts, etc.) to the CPC by placing a bid on Symplicity. The CPC then forwards to employers the materials of interested students. The employers will contact selected applicants directly. Do not submit materials to Resume Referral employers on your own. Resume Referral employers will only review materials provided by the CPC.

Direct Contact employers elect to have students send their applications directly to them. However, all relevant information including hiring criteria, how to apply and submission deadlines will be available on Symplicity. Typically there are more Resume Referral employers than Direct Contact employers.

Throughout the fall recruitment period, there will be several Resume Referral and Direct Contact sessions that have their own deadlines independent of the OCI session bidding deadlines. Each session will be labeled by its deadline (i.e. Fall 2008 Resume Referral and Direct Contact Session (August 14, 2008)). For your applications to Resume Referral employers to be submitted by the CPC, you must submit your bid by the session deadline. For your applications to Direct Contact employers to be considered by those employers, you must send your applications directly to the employers by the deadline provided on Symplicity.

As with OCI employers, you will only be able to see those employers accepting applications from your class year or LL.M. program.

The CPC will continue to add Resume Referral and Direct Contact employers as it receives them. Therefore, it is to your benefit to check the various sessions on occasion to ensure that you have not missed any new employers.

For instructions on how to apply to Resume Referral and Direct Contact employers, please see the Student Guide to Symplicity which is available on the CPC website.