Big Apple, Small Budget: Making the Most of Your NYC Public Interest Summer

Are you a student interning in New York City this summer on a public interest stipend? There are many articles out there to help you maximize the educational value of your internship. Check out the tips on how to flourish while being frugal! 

While New York City has a reputation for being expensive, it also boasts numerous cheap outdoor eats, entertaining inexpensive or even free activities, and great outdoor events. NYU School of Law has compiled a “Guide to Living in New York on a Public Interest Salary” that has lots of great advice. 

To see the ten tips from the Guide on how to enjoy NYC while saving your cash (selected especially for folks who are here on summer internships) please visit PSLawNet

Although this article is about New York City, some of the tips may be helpful for anyone on a tight budget no matter where you are living.