Summer Housing Options

Every year, law students around the country spend their summer in a different city. Finding housing for the summer is one of the biggest challenges to spending a summer away. Below are some resources that may help you if you are looking for housing this summer:

1. The NALP Apartment Exchange allows students to search for housing or post their own listing – all for free. The NALP Apartment Exchange will be available from January 15 through May 15. Free registration is required to use the site.

2. Spending the summer in NYC? The Educational Housing Services is a not-for-profit organization that provides safe and affordable fully furnished housing to students, grad students and interns coming to New York City. EHS manages multiple properties throughout New York City and Brooklyn, and is a great short term housing option that offers the opportunity to live in a community of your peers.  Details here.

3.  More resources in NYC:  NYU’s Summer Housing program will run for eleven weeks, from May 29 to August 13 . The minimum stay is four consecutive weeks, maximum is 11 consecutive weeks. Accommodations are available for single adults and couples age 18 or over, and for families with children.

Law School housing includes two high-rise buildings and two low-rise buildings. All of our housing is apartment or apartment-style, from studio and 1-bedroom apartments to double and triple suites in which each resident has a private bedroom in a 2 or 3-bedroom unit, sharing the kitchen and bath with the other resident(s) of the suite.

More information is available here.