Robert M. Cover Public Interest Law Retreat

Every year, public interest law students, professors, and practitioners from the Eastern, Mid-Eastern, and Southern United States gather together at the Robert M. Cover Public Interest Law Retreat to network, strategize, and socialize in a beautiful, secluded setting.
This year’s retreat will take place March 4 — March 6, 2011 at Nature’s Classroom at Sargent Center, Peterborough, NH.
The retreat brings to life the vision of Robert Cover, a Yale Law School professor and social change activist. Cover’s vision encompassed four principal goals: 1) to connect students with common goals and interests from across the country; 2) to create a network of professors, peers, and practitioners for students headed toward careers in public interest; 3) to provide a forum for discussions about change and growth pertaining to public interest law; and 4) to provide a platform for change in the public interest sector and perceptions about public interest law.

University of Miami School of Law students are cordially invited to attend.

The registration deadline is February 15 and all registrations can be completed online at