David A. Winston Health Policy Fellowship

The David A. Winston Health Policy Fellowship provides the opportunity for a law school graduate to expand their knowledge of the political system through firsthand, direct exposure to both public and private sector decision-makers in health policy development in Washington, D.C.

The David A. Winston Health Policy Fellowship offers a 12 to 16 month postgraduate experience to a 2011 graduate.  Interested applicants must submit the requested materials to Diane Quick of the CDO (Room A-112) by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 15, 2010. A committee will review the applications and nominate one (1) applicant for the fellowship.

Applicants must submit the following materials:

1.    A resume.

2.    A 2-3 page statement of interest that details your motivation for a career in health policy and a description of what you hope to gain from the Fellowship, and how your experiences and education will complement the David A. Winston Health Policy Fellowship.

3.    Three letters of recommendation; one from the Dean, Director, or Chair of the program, department, or school in which you are enrolled; one from a current or former supervisor or employer; and one from an individual who is knowledgeable about your academic and/or leadership experience.

4.    Academic transcripts (both undergraduate and graduate). Transcripts may be photocopies and need not be sent through the university. However, a key to interpret coding on transcripts must accompany the transcript that do not use the A-F grading format.

5.    A detailed synopsis of your past and current extracurricular and volunteer activities in the community and on campus.  Do not exceed 2 pages.